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Chinese Calligraphy


Online live session

Write your first calligraphy masterpiece on a fan in 45 minutes! A hands-on workshop designed for total beginners, taking you step-by-step from how to handle the brush to writing a beautiful message in traditional calligraphy.



We provide the tools and skills for you to experience Chinese calligraphy as a mindful practice. 

No Chinese language knowledge required.

Experience the new calligraphy learning

Meditation & Mindfulness

Chinese calligraphy has always been a mindful practice of art throughout its long history. The practice of meditation and mindfulness does not necessarily require calligraphy brushes at hand.

  Calligraphy Zen has developed numerous meditation sessions that not only could alleviate your daily stress and pains, but also improve your focus and attention on everyday life.

History & Culture

Listed by the United Nations as an intangible cultural heritage, Chinese calligraphy has over 5000 years of history. Five major script styles developed over time due to politics, social changes, and utility.


Calligraphy Zen offers interesting sessions on various aspects of Chinese calligraphy to deepen understanding and appreciation for this art form, including calligraphy masters’ stories, philosophy, techniques, and masterpieces.

Fun & easy

Learning Chinese calligraphy is not as daunting as some may think, Calligraphy Zen breaks down traditional barriers in stepping into the profound discipline of Chinese calligraphy by innovating a new pedagogy designed especially for digital nomads of today’s world.

Taipei Calligraphy Workshop

The workshop is designed especially for people with no previous exposure to the art of Chinese calligraphy, come give it a try!

 • Small-group class

 • hands-on instruction

 • No Chinese language knowledge required 

 • Learn all about calligraphy’s long history and key techniques

 • Create your own calligraphic pieces that you can take with you

Some comments from participants

If you’re looking for an immersive cultural experience, some inspirations, our calligraphy workshop is definitely a good start.

Teresa is hugely knowledgeable and passionate about calligraphy and does a fantastic job of transferring that knowledge in a way that is interesting and fun. We enjoyed learning about the history of Mandarin characters and getting understand more about the materials we would be using, including grinding the ink. We were trying out calligraphy for the first time. We had plenty of time to practise the strokes and Theresa provided lots of. encouraging feedback. At the end of the morning we were proud of what we had achieved in a short time.

- Heather Clarke

My husband and I took a calligraphy class with Teresa and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to learn about the history of Chinese characters, and the evolution of the script through the art of calligraphy. Teresa was a very engaging and fun teacher. Definitely recommend her class for when you first get to Taipei. You'll have a better appreciation for the art and artifacts you see at the museums.

- Sarah B 

Toronto, Canada

What a great night! Having the opportunity to spend a few hours learning the basic brush strokes was wonderful! I was part of a small group of two and we not only learned the history of calligraphy and how is has changed over time, but had substantial time to practice before creating our own keepsake to bring home. The class is a great value for the price, and you walk away with not only a memento that is framed and laminated, but also a new talent. Teresa is absolutely fabulous! I highly recommend this course if you have a few free hours in Taipei!!

- Suzanne O 

New York , US

 latest press

aurora & qing feng enjoys calligraphy with calligraphy zen

The witty Norwegian singer, Aurora, visited Taiwan for the first time on Tuesday, 21st of February. Wu Qing Feng, who collaborated with Aurora on the new song, Storm, last year, invited her to experience traditional calligraphy together under the guidance of Teresa from Calligraphy Zen.

Next milestone

High quality courses brought to your desk

Our goal is to create a special calligraphy learning platform where anyone can learn from the world’s best through streaming devices, smartphones, or tablets — or even listen in with audio-only mode on the go.

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