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We Build bridges between

Western and Chinese cultures,
Younger and older generations,
Outer and Inner self.

Practice Mindfulness

We re- associate and popularize the mindfulness aspect of Chinese traditional arts and lower the threshold of understanding

Our Story

Chinese Calligraphy for Everyone Around the World

Calligraphy Zen aims to build the bridge of cultural learning and exchange between the world and Taiwan. Moreover, Calligraphy Zen also plan on creating the favorable conditions for learning calligraphy in Taiwan, not only for foreign visitors but also for those who grew up in Taiwan and but became unaware of our cultural roots. Through extensive research and modern means, Calligraphy Zen would integrate ancient and modern ways of learning and refocus the art to be more liberal, accessible, and mindful.

Listed by the United Nations as an intangible cultural heritage, Chinese calligraphy has over 5000 years of history. Five major script styles developed over time due to politics, social changes, and utility.

Calligraphy Zen offers interesting sessions on various aspects of Chinese calligraphy to deepen understanding and appreciation for this art form, including calligraphy masters’ stories, philosophy, techniques, and masterpieces.

“Creating a special Chinese calligraphy learning platform that is dedicated to cultural learning, mental health enrichment, and art appreciation.”


Teresa Kung

Received her first degree in Canada (UBC History) and her second in Taiwan (NCTU), Teresa is adept at transcending cultural barriers between the East and the West.  After 30 years of practicing calligraphy and 8 years of teaching experience, Teresa endeavors to bring this traditional form of art to a wider international audience so that more people can enjoy practicing calligraphy with a traditional brush pen, indulging themselves in an artistic and therapeutic experience that leads to a higher level of awareness in their daily lives.

  •  Pending PhD in Traditional Calligraphy at Mingdao University, Taiwan

  •  Students of innovative calligrapher, Han Chang Tsao

  •  Member of the Keelung Hai Tung Calligraphy Council

  •  International Relations team leader of the Chinese Calligraphy Society of Taiwan

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