About Love

February 25, 2023

Chinese character is very interesting. The word, “love (愛)“, has the word, “heart (心)“, at its center. How can anyone love anything without, “heart (心)“, as the core.

Speaking of the word, “love (愛)“, my favorite quote by Mother Teresa comes to mind, “People are unrealistic, illogical, and self-centered. Love them anyway.” Love is unconditional because it comes from the heart, without any calculations, any ill-intensions.

To love, is to use our “hands” (手) to build, to walk great miles, and to protect where the “heart (心)” resides. This personal motto has kept me going through the ups and downs over the years. Nothing can stop me from embracing my love of calligraphy, my love for my family, and the love to inspire others to use calligraphy as a vehicle to be mindful of their lives and embrace what they truly love in life.


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About Love

About Love
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